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July 17, 2011, 7:44 pm
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I thought I’d start out posting here by “catching up” with respect to some projects I’ve been doing over the past year or two.

three inkle looms

These are three small “laptop” inkle looms I made. One I made back in March based on instructions I found online (here) and with some of my own modifications. The second and third I made just last week to form part of a weaving demonstration and hands-on activity I ran yesterday at our local historical day. I have only been weaving since January, but weaving been such a revelation to me that I wanted to share it. Weaving is MUCH easier and more fun than people think, I think.

So, through the day I went back and forth weaving on these three looms, on my vertical loom, and on my rigid heddle loom. When anybody came by I asked “wanna try?” and lots of people did. Mostly kids. I helped them weave a few passes of weft. They were ALL surprised by how easy it was! Some people were happy with a few lines, but some of the kids went on and on! One little girl must have woven four inches on one of the inkle looms.

I also typed up instructions on how to build these little looms (and warp them and weave on them) and had them there to hand out. Not that many people took the instructions (most said “I don’t do woodworking”) but several people did. A few moms took them and said they would “ask dad” to make one for the kids. That was great.

One of the reasons I started this blog, actually, was to have a place to put the instructions after the historical day was over. And thinking I might like to make more like them someday. Look in the pages section for the instructions.

I don’t really even know who I’m writing to right now. Kind of to myself. I don’t plan to “announce” this blog to the world or anything. If it wants to happen it will happen. So we’ll see.


July 17, 2011, 2:01 pm
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The first post on every blog should answer one question: Why? Why are you starting this blog? Why burden the world with another more source of halfway useful information?

Because I like making things. And I keep reading other people’s blogs about making things. And I think: that looks like fun. And I think: maybe I can help people get excited about making things the way people have got me excited about making things.

So I thought I’d post an occasional picture of whatever monstrosity I have bungled my way through creating this time. I might be the only one looking but that’s fine with me. Creating what, you ask? Hm. Woodworking, gardening, cooking, sewing, weaving, landscaping, wildcrafting, and who knows what else?

Sounds like fun!